Cal App E-Flyer: February 2014

California Appellate Defense Counsel 2014 Annual Conference & Seminar on Feb. 28 and Mar. 1, 2014 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel Sacramento


While you're at it, reserve your hotel room today too. CADC conference rate of $109 is good until 5 pm on February 7, 2014: Click Here!

Don't miss our inspiring keynote speaker - Sacramento Supervising Assistant Public Defender, Arthur Bowie - a leading authority on California juvenile delinquency law who was recently honored by the California Public Defenders Association and the Pacific Juvenile Defender Center for his relentless advocacy on behalf of California's youth.

Other speakers include Court of Appeal Justices Bert Levy and M. Kathleen Butz, U.C. Davis School of Law Professor Edward J. Imwinkelried, DNA expert Bicka Barlow; CCAP Staff Attorneys Cindy Sorman, Melissa Nappan, and Brad Bristow; and CADC members Marcia Levine, David Stanley, Kyle Gee, Seth Gorman, Janice Jenkins, Stephen Greenberg, Walt Pyle, Richard Neuhoff, Jan Sherwood, and Candace Hale. 10 full hours MCLE including one hour of substance abuse/mental health MCLE (joint criminal and dependency session) and one hour of ethics MCLE (criminal).

Webmaster Sachi Wilson will demonstrate our soon to be launched new state of the art website and e-mail forums during the annual meeting on Friday, and will be available throughout the conference to answer questions and demonstrate new features for our members.

We will also have a silent auction of vendor items PLUS our own members’ personal creations – works of art, music and video recordings, homemade goodies, and ? Some of the artists among us have already committed to surprise contributions that will be on display and up for bidding at the conference. See photos of the artists' work on our conference page:

Look for our beautiful new CADC T-shirts, on sale Friday and Saturday, professionally printed and produced for us by HomeBoy Industries, which serves high-risk, formerly gang-involved men and women with a continuum of free services and programs, and operates seven social enterprises that serve as job-training sites.

Tribute to late CADC member Chip Northup including music by his band, The Putah Creek Crawdads with Barry "The Fish" Melton, at dinner Friday night. (Not included in conference fee, pre-registration required.)

DON'T DELAY! REGISTER TODAY! See you in Sacramento!


Rod Jones and Gordon Brownell developed and gave an ethics MCLE presentation they are happy to share!

It's entitled, "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction: Self-Exploring the Nature of Appointed Appellate Advocacy
It's about getting satisfaction from appellate work, maintaining a positive approach and energy in the face of one frustrating appeal after another, keeping our clients fully engaged in the face of overwhelming odds, and how to go to sleep at night with a feeling of professional job satisfaction.

The materials for discussion examine our prevailing “models” of appellate legal representation, asking what works or what doesn’t and why. With actual case examples, we can critically look at our well-trod practices and the assumptions behind them. And ask, how are we treating our clients? How are we treating ourselves? The discussion focuses on nuanced ethical role issues mostly of the small “e” kind. In other words, how we function within the given professional norms and seek some “satisfaction.”

Rod and Gordon have graciously offered their materials to any chapter or member who would like them.
Contact Rod Jones at 707.937.0549


CADC is now on Facebook. Search for "California Appellate Defense Counsel" and "like" us to receive news and updates. Please remember that the page, and any comments made on it, are public.


CADC and Lexis have negotiated a 40 percent discount on three different plans for CADC members. For information about rates and plans, please call 800-227-4908 and say that you are a member of CADC. You will be given the contact information for your local representative. If you already know who your local sales rep is, you can contact him or her directly; be sure to say you are a member of CADC and want to take advantage of our group discount.

This discount is not available to anyone who is currently in a contract with Lexis. Once your contract expires, you will be free to take advantage of the group rate.


by John Likas, Greenpath Chief Communications Officerr


GreenPath Software Solutions, LLC - creators of AttyXpress - the online web service for filing and submitting CA Appellate briefs.
In January the AttyXpress capabilities were extended to provide for an upload to the Supreme Court.
A user request to integrate the cover letter process into the body of the AttyXpress was installed as well. This streamlines the process for the attorneys as well as simplifying the operational support processes and reducing the possibility of error.
Several new brief types were deployed as well. These include:
o    Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus
o    Petition for Writ of Mandate
o    Petition for Writ of Prohibition
o    Petition for Writ of Supersedeas
We are looking forward to meeting our current as well as new customers at the Sacramento conference.
Join the many Appellate Attorneys already using our service to make filing your briefs as easy as uploading a document and giving us your instructions.
GreenPath mails your paper and delivers your electronic copies of briefs for you  Find out more at our website.

The briefbank now has 1309 briefs in it by 138 authors!  If you haven't tried it out, please do.  The Brief Bank Committee volunteers are on call 7 days a week from 8 am til midnight to help you:!  If you are one of the many contributors - thank you!  Keep up the good work!

One of the benefits of becoming a CADC sustaining member is that this includes admission to CADC's annual seminar at no additional cost. In order to make this benefit more flexible and useful, the CADC Board has voted to amend this benefit to provide that the annual CADC statewide seminar may be attended for free either by the CADC sustaining member or by another member designated by the sustaining CADC member to attend the seminar in his or her stead.


We have learned that some CADC members have not been receiving our messages because their spam filters have blocked CADC e-mail announcements. Problems have come up as to some members who use popular Internet services such as AOL, PacBell, Adelphia and Verizon. CADC sends out notices from the following addresses:,  and  Messages from these sources should be cherished and read. If you have not been receiving CADC messages from these sources please check and set your spam controls to unblock messages from these e-mail addresses.


Members should remember that our Web site is the place to indicate changes to your e-mail address.  To make changes to your contact information: Log in to the Member Area, click on My Profile, enter your User Name and Password. At that point you will be able to make any desired changes to your contact information. When you have finished, click Update to save your changes. To obtain the contact information of other members, please contact the webmaster.


CADC now has six listserves available to our members: Chat, Practice, Criminal Law, Dependency Law, Capital Counsel and New Attorneys. For more information or to sign up for any of CADC's listserves, go to the listserve area of our Web site


In connection with Complete Equity Markets (CEM), CADC is offering its members a special deal on a custom-tailored malpractice insurance policy.  This policy is relatively inexpensive and is geared toward CADC members who handle some privately-retained cases in addition to their court-appointed appeals.

For a copy of the CADC malpractice insurance policy and an application, call Complete Equity Markets and ask CEM to mail you copies of these materials.  Telephone: 1-800-323-6234.  You can look over the policy and, if you want to obtain coverage, the application takes less than a hour to fill out.  You will get a premium quote within a couple of weeks after submitting  your application.  The premium varies with the percentage of your income derived from non-project appointed cases.

You can obtain this information – the policy application and a price quote – by going to the Complete Equity Markets Web site at and clicking on the link to Public Defenders/Assigned Counsel Limited Practice Coverage.  You can submit your application or send CEM an e-mail at that site, with any questions you may have.

Monthly payments and financing for the payment of annual premiums is now available at very low rates. Contact Complete Equity Markets for more information.  If you have any questions regarding this insurance policy contact CADC members Gordon Brownell at or (707) 942-4565, or Dave Lampkin at or (805) 389-7769.


"Practice hard words," "don't giggle," "don't squirm," "lower your voice," and "No one heard Hillary the day she showed cleavage." -- Some of the advice in a 2013 memo by Manhattan law firm Clifford Chance, sent only to its female associates.

Burrage v. U.S. (Jan. 27, 2014)
Dealer's heroin
Must be "but for" cause of death
For enhanced sentence

Always acknowledge a fault.  This will throw those in authority off their guard and give you an opportunity to commit more.  -- Mark Twain


California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ) has regular seminars.  For information call CACJ at (916) 643-1800 or


Geoffrey J. Derrick, a future law clerk and experienced appellate public defender in New York, offers research, drafting, and editing assistance to CADC members and other panel attorneys. Geoff has experience with felony and murder direct appeals as well as collateral state habeas corpus motions. Geoff is volunteering his time at the Federal Defenders of San Diego, Appellate Division and the ACLU of San Diego. Rate is negotiable. For more information please email or visit

CADC member with 20 plus years’ experience will summarize Reporter’s Transcripts and/or compose draft Statements of Facts for appellate briefs.  Also available for accurate preparation of tables and correction of cites where needed (California Style Manual or Bluebook).  Rates beginning at $35 per hr.  24-Hour turn around for tables (only) will normally be available.  Contact  Marilyn Mobert @ 916-214-2646 or

SEEKING CRIMINAL APPEAL EXPERIENCE, WILL WORK PRO BONO. Former Public Defenders. Husband and wife team. Strong research and writing skills. Previous experience includes adult criminal trials, preliminary hearings, juvenile adjudications, and the Innocence Project of New York. Willing to travel.
Alicia is fluent in Spanish. Please contact us (Brad Mahler or Alicia Ekland) at (530) 636-0020 or e-mail
LEGAL RESEARCH AND WRITING LAW PROFESSOR AVAILABLE FOR CONTRACT WORK.  I have taught legal research, writing and analysis courses
at Golden Gate, USF, UC Hastings and JFK law schools for 18 years.  I am seeking appellate practice experience. Will work on criminal and civil projects.
Member CADC.  Univ. of San Francisco School of Law Graduate.  Admitted to State Bar 1991.  Please contact Rosemary La Puma,

JUNIOR PANEL ATTORNEY. Available to work on a variety of projects (criminal and civil). Flat fee or hourly. References, resume, and writing sample available. Active member CADC. 2001 Michigan graduate with appellate clerkship experience. Please contact Jasmine Patel at 415-846-4926 or

LEGAL SECRETARY:  I am an experienced legal secretary who will help you with your table of authorities and tables of contents for briefs filed in the California Courts of Appeal and the California Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court.  I have ten years of experience doing this work.  I will charge $30.00 an hour, for only working on the brief, and the cost of printing the completed document. I will also charge for mailing it priority, unless you happen to be in San Diego County, and I can drive it to you. I have filed briefs with California Appellate Courts, The California Supreme Court, and the U.S. Supreme Court.  My name is Zina Wyman-McClone and  I can be reached through and my home phone at 619-713-5515. LEGAL ASSISTANCE.  Let me assist you – part time student looking to assist you with errands, transcribing, proof reading, prepping EOT's, preparing briefs for filing, and preparation of table of authorities. Will work from your office (with my laptop), or my home office. Please call Tanya Hastings, 510-936-1695 or

PARALEGAL RECORD READER. I have been working for two Bay Area based criminal appeals attorneys for 7-8 years. I will take detailed notes on Reporter's Transcripts and/or write highly organized, thorough draft Statements of Facts for appellate briefs. Excellent references. $35/hr. based roughly on 30 pages per hour, depending on your needs and the complexity of the case. Contact Renee at or (415) 661-6572. TABLES OF

CONTENTS AND AUTHORITIES. Fast, scrupulously accurate preparation of tables of contents and authorities for briefs and petitions. WordPerfect only (any version). If you like, I'll correct the citation style as needed (California Style Manual or Bluebook). 24-hour turnaround for most briefs. $75/hr. payable on completion of my work.  Marty Kassman, (415) 564-6732, EXPERIENCED CRIMINAL POST-CONVICTION ATTORNEY AVAILABLE

FOR CONTRACT WORK. Member of the California Bar. 1998 Boalt Hall graduate and California Law Review member/editor with exceptional research and writing skills and significant criminal law experience, including three years as an HCRC staff attorney handling post-conviction death penalty habeas cases, available to provide high quality work on appellate and habeas cases including summarizing transcripts; spotting, developing, researching and writing claims; and editing briefs and writs. Excellent references and writing samples available upon request. Please contact Ellise Nicholson at or (415) 385-5516.

TOP NOTCH LEGAL RESEARCHER AND WRITER, a retired attorney, available to serve you.  If you want to outsource work in order to expand your practice or are already overburdened, please contact me.  I can provide you with relief by completing high quality research and writing projects for you.  Contact Michael Friedman at or (510) 758-4045.

CRIMINAL DEFENSE AND CONSUMER LAWYER WANTS SUPERVISED WORK TO GAIN EXPERIENCE IN APPELLATE AND/OR HABEAS LAW.  I am a new CADC member.  I have been a member of the Cal Bar since, 1975, doing PI, Criminal Defense and Consumer Law in Marin, Sonoma, SF, and East Bay.  I have done a handful of Federal and State appeals and would like to work under supervision to gain experience doing appellate and/or habeas work.  I have Westlaw and good analytical writing and research skills.  Greg Anton, PO Box 299, Lagunitas, CA 94938; (415) 789-8535;

SEEKING CRIMINAL APPEAL EXPERIENCE.  Golden Gate University 2001 grad with law and motion and civil appellate experience seeks experience writing criminal appeals.  Availability to assist with research and drafting.  Very reasonable and negotiable fee.  Please contact Jeffrey Ginsberg at   HASTINGS GRADUATE BASED IN WASHINGTON, D.C. PROVIDES RESEARCH & WRITING SERVICES TO

ATTORNEYS, including memos, briefs, and litigation-related archival & public records research. $30/hr or flat fee. Contact Julie Masal at  or (410) 477-0380.

SEEKING CRIMINAL APPEAL EXPERIENCE. Boalt Hall Class of '97 grad with large law firm experience seeks experience writing criminal appeals. Available immediately to assist with research and drafting. Very reasonable and negotiable rates. Please contact me at

SAN DIEGO/SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Writing services. Award winning journalist with JD can help with appeals, background reports, investigations, memoranda. Accurate, prompt, reasonable, cheerful. Contact Richard Acello at (619) 297-1239 or

EXPERIENCED J.D. TO HANDLE CRIMINAL APPEALS. Nine years managing indigent felony appeals program at CAP-Los Angeles. Will provide transcript summary, analysis, research and writing. Also will proof/edit appellate briefs. $45/hour. References and samples available upon request. Contact Robert: or (510) 387-4670.

EXPERIENCED CONTRACT ATTORNEY WILL OUTLINE TRIAL RECORDS, DRAFT WELL-CRAFTED STATEMENTS OF FACT.  For the past fifteen years, I have maintained a specialty practice preparing finely-crafted draft Statements of Fact for criminal and dependency appeals. I also provide a meticulous outline of the entire Reporter's Transcript, detailing all testimony of possible relevance, noting every objection, and summarizing proceedings that take place out of the presence of the jury. For the past several years I have worked on a part-time basis with Dennis Riordan and Don Horgan in San Francisco. I've recently expanded my practice, am now also working with two CADC colleagues, and would like to develop a few additional CADC working relationships as well. If I can be of help to you in your appellate practice, please contact me. Joseph Tieger, 925-377-6208 orJT@REACHINGOUT.ORG.


BEST BOOKKEEPING. No time to record your expenses, etc., for tax purposes? Let me take over with Quicken! I provide expert, quality service and charge affordable prices. Susan Stevenson (760) 765-1539


ATTENTION DEPENDENCY LAWYERS:  California Juvenile Dependency Case Law Updates, 1991-2012. Summaries of most dependency cases since 1991 organized by subject. $85.00 for CADC members, public defenders and panel attorneys. Send check with order to: Janet G. Sherwood, Attorney at Law, P.O. Box 778, Corte Madera, CA 94976-0778.


Translation services for all languages and all types of certifications: Strommen is a local translation company specializing in certified translations. We can be your one-stop-shop for language needs. Call us M-F 323-638-9787 or email us at visit for more info!

ENGLISH AND THAI translators provide translation and desktop publishing of a wide variety of documents by well qualified individuals. Extensive legal and business translation experience. Please contact Keith & Marisa Ensminger at 209-385-0425 tel, 209-385-3747 fax or visit our web site at
. . .

SPANISH/ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS: Correspondence and other written communications translated between Spanish and English. Telephone translations, prison visits with counsel, and fax and e-mail services available. $30/hour. For additional information, please contact Kata Brownell at phone: (707) 942-0799; fax: (707) 942-8520; or e-mail:
. . .

SPANISH TRANSLATOR. Excellent for attorney-client communications, briefs, court orders and other legal documents. Quick turnaround time. Rate: $40/hour (negotiable). Mateo Rosen. Phone: (415) 695-1652; fax: (510) 670-5055 (Attention: M. Rosen); e-mail:


26+ YEARS CRIMINAL DEFENSE LICENSED P.I. AVAILABLE FOR TYPING TAPE TRANSCRIPTS, i.e., law enforcement/prosecution/defense interviews, dispatch calls, etc. – any choice of format in Word or WP; extensive investigation experience ranging from DUIs to/including 187 PC's & Death Penalty cases, so very familiar with vernacular, slang, codes; have typed many transcripts for court use in variety of cases; can type other documents in other specialty areas if format is defined; have equipment for video-to-audio transfer; have FedEx account for send/delivery; contact Kalli G. Bolanis, P.O. Box #1961, Joshua Tree, CA 92252; (760) 368-

. . . AV RATED LAWYER AVAILABLE FOR BUSINESS AND CIVIL LITIGATION REFERRALS, INCLUDING PERSONAL INJURY CASES. Charles P. Charlton is a civil litigation lawyer dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation to consumers and business clients throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties as well as many other counties and cities throughout the State of California. Charles P. Charlton, 10100 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. 300, Los Angeles, CA 90067-4107, (310) 651-9906. 

Contact CADC

The CADC Board of Directors encourages member questions and input.  If you have a question or a suggestion for the Board, please contact any of the directors for your region.  Your region is determined by the California appellate district in which your mailing address is located.

The current directors are:
Region One (1st and 6th Districts)
Alex Coolman, San Francisco, (415) 695-1820,;  Jessica Ronco, San Francisco, (415) 846-9871, jronco@yahoo.comDavid Annicchiarico, San Francisco dannicchiarico@gmail.comJasmine Patel, San Francisco,
Region Two (2nd District)Tonja Torres, Pasadena, (626) 836-5855, TonjaTorres@gmail.comCynthia Barnes, Los Angeles, (213) 413-4992rm1607@aol.comChristopher Nalls, Pasadena, (626) 844-0443,
Region Three (3rd and 5th Districts and out-of-state)
Stephen Greenberg, Nevada City, (530) 470-8896, sgberg1@mac.comCaitlin Christian,Sacramento, (916) 234-6662,
Region Four (4th District)Steven Schorr, San Diego, (858) 794-5403, sschorr@san.rr.comLaura Gordon, San Diego, 619-254-3315 orLGORDON777@COX.NET.

In addition to the directors, who are elected by the membership every three years (or whenever there is a vacancy), the Board includes CADC's officers, who are elected annually by the Board.  The officers also welcome ideas and questions from members.

The current officers are: PresidentRandi Covin, Willits, (707) 459-2456, rcovin13@gmail.comVice-PresidentLaurie WilmoreHalf Moon Bay, (650) 867-3546, M.J. Spillman, Ventura, (805) 861-0159, lisajerdespillman@sbcglobal.netTreasurerJeralyn Keller, Pasadena, (626) 683-1233, jbkeller@pacbell.netSecretaryMeredith Fahn, San Jose, (408) 947-1512, fahn@sbcglobal.netState MCLE CoordinatorMaureen Bodo, San Francisco, (415) 244-5528,;   Webmaster & Roster KeeperSachi Wilson, San Diego, (619) 453-0514,

Members also may wish to contact the following persons who fill special roles: AIDOAC Member,David Stanley, Depoe Bay, (541) 708-5146,dystanley22@mac.comAnnual Retreat Coordinator,Janice Jenkins, Prescott, AZ, (510) 965-9117, jjappeals@gmail.comCourt & Project Liaison, Marcia C. Levine, San Francisco, (415) 255-7612,

Full contact information (including mailing addresses) for everyone named above, as well as for chapter contacts and past presidents, is listed in the CADC Roster.  For more information about the election, qualifications and duties of officers and directors, members can consult the CADC Bylaws.  The Roster and the Bylaws are available to members on our Web site.


Want to mail in your application the old fashion way?  CLICK HERE.

Renewing your membership on-line?  It's never been easier!  YOU CAN RENEW HERE. Renew by postal mail?  CLICK HERE TO FILL, PRINT, AND MAIL! Note: Before sending the applications by mail, please do not write in the form field boxes. Please TYPE your information in the fields THEN print out the application. This way it's much more legible when processing your application.

CADC President

Edward Haggerty
20955 Pathfinder Rd., Suite 100
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
(626) 912-5551

Mailing Address

California Appellate Defense Counsel
P.O. Box 2433
Pasadena, CA 91102

e-Flyer Questions or Submissions

Please email

Local Chapter Meetings

Central Coast Chapter

The San Luis Obispo chapter meets by Zoom, on a date each month agreed on by the members — usually the third or fourth Friday.  For information on meeting dates, contact Linda Robertson, at or (805) 250-4204.

Davis/Sacramento Dependency Counsel

DATE: Monday, June 12, 2023
TIME: 1:00-3:00 p.m. 2.0 hours
PLACE: Via Zoom
MCLE:  2.0 hrs. General MCLE and appellate specialization credit offered.
FOR INFO: Please RSVP to both Sean Burleigh ( who will be sending out the Zoom invitations and to Beth Sears ( who will be sending out the MCLE certificates after the meeting.

Greater Los Angeles Chapter

No meeting in June.
FOR INFO: Please contact Christine Vento at

Marin Chapter

Marin will be dark in June.
FOR INFO: Contact Candace Hale at

Mental Health Practice Chapter

The Mental Health Practitioners Group meets every second Thursday of the month.
DATE: Thursday, June 8, 2023
TIME: 3:00-4:00 p.m.
PLACE: Via Zoom
EVENT: Monthly meeting to discuss outlier issues which present unique challenges as well as recurring practical and substantive patterns in offender with a mental disorder (formerly MDO), sexually violent predator, conservatorship, not guilty by reason of insanity, and trial competency proceedings.
FOR MORE INFO: Please contact Paul Kraus at to receive the Zoom link and other information.

Nevada County Chapter

FOR INFO: Contact Stephen Greenberg at

Orange County Chapter

FOR CHAPTER INFO: contact Dawn Mortazavi at

Pasadena / San Gabriel Valley Chapter

DATE: Tuesday, June 20, 2023
TIME: 6:00-8:00 p.m.
PLACE: The Only Place in Town, Sierra Madre, CA
EVENT: Dinner & Happy Hour
 Contact Cynthia Barnes at or 213-413-4992.

Redwood Empire Appellate Lawyers [REAL]

No meeting in June.
FOR CHAPTER INFO: Please contact Marylou Hillberg at

Sacramento Chapter

For chapter information contact Karriem Baker at

San Diego Chapter

DATE: TBD – watch for Evites regarding Zoom or lunch socials.
FOR INFO: Please contact Laura Gordon at

San Diego and Beyond* Dependency Chapter

Thursday, June 15, 2023
TIME:  1:30-3:00 p.m.

*We welcome all CADC members interested in discussing juvenile dependency law!

An e-vite will be sent to the monthly guest list with Zoom meeting ID, password, and call-in instructions. To be added to the e-vite guest list, e-mail Michelle Peña at Please download/update the Zoom application prior to the meeting time. ( Trouble logging in? Contact Michelle at (858) 275-3822.

San Francisco Bay Area

FOR INFO: Contact Nancy Brandt, Chapter Chair at

San Jose Chapter

FOR INFO:  Contact Teresa Biagini at or (408) 761-0764.

Santa Cruz/Monterey Chapter

FOR INFO:  Contact Jeanine Strong (