CADC is dedicated to improving appellate advocacy in criminal and dependency cases, and improving the lives of counsel representing indigent parties on appeal. Over 400 panel attorneys belong to CADC, and in this era of budget constraints your membership allows your voice to be heard. CADC represents the interests of panel attorneys before the Legislature, the AOC, and AIDOAC. CADC has lobbied on issues of compensation, appellate policy, and projects and works to improve relations with the projects.

Essential Information

  • CADC maintains a Web site with a members-only Brief Bank of more that 2,500 legal arguments. Browse the vast collection of briefs in our Brief Bank in a easy to navigate hierarchical structure.
  • Search the Brief Bank with the latest search engine technology ever provided in the online legal arena.
  • CADC maintains an Internet discussion forum where members communicate on issues of criminal law, dependency law, technical and computer matters, and appellate practice in general. CADC hosts MCLE events both locally and statewide.
  • CADC publishes a quarterly newsletter on issues of interest to members, as well as a monthly email news flyer announcing local chapter meetings and late-breaking appellate news.
  • CADC provides members-only access to affordable legal malpractice insurance for appellate criminal defense and dependency counsel, covering non-appointed legal services. CADC also provides a network of experienced appellate attorneys, an invaluable resource for the sole practitioner.