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November 2020 E-Flyer

EDITORS: Nancy King & Sabine Jordan



The Election Edition

This is it folks. By the time most of you read this we will be within 24 hours of seeing the end of campaign ads for the year, and [hopefully] a day or two of knowing the outcome of the 2020 election. Many, if not most, of our CADC members have been marching, protesting, calling their senators and representatives, and writing dozens of letters and emails to the same for the last four years. For eight months we’ve been doing it with masks on and socially distancing from even our closest friends and colleagues. Many of our members have continued digging into their pockets to support causes and candidates even while our work dried up due to the pandemic.

It is not at all surprising that so many CADC members have reached even deeper in the final days of this election season. Some, like Eileen Manning-Villar and Jon Berger, have taken the time to head to the front lines as poll watchers in the important swing states of Arizona and Nevada, respectively. They have been monitoring the early voting for the last two weeks and are staying until the polls close on Tuesday.

Andrea St. Julian, CADC colleague and social justice warrior, inspired us in August with her presentation on local action, and as the co-chair of the campaign to pass Measure B, as well as its primary author, she has been on the front lines of the fight to bring meaningful police reform to the City of San Diego. If passed, Measure B will create a new independent police oversight commission called the Commission on Police Practices. Andrea recently wrote a column regarding Measure B in San Diego’s daily paper, the San Diego Union Tribune: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/opinion/commentary/story/2020-09-28/measure-b-yes-commission-police-practices, and has been interviewed and quoted on local news, including this podcast: https://www.voiceofsandiego.org/topics/public-safety/vosd-podcast-san-diego-police-reform-past-and-future/. At least one additional CADC member and her daughter “have been phone banking and demonstrating on a local street corner almost every Saturday for the past five months” in support of Measure B. The corner demonstration is part of a larger umbrella group of Black Lives Matter and Equal Justice for All. This is a fight that will continue regardless of the measure’s outcome on Tuesday, and it is one that dovetails perfectly with CADC’s mission of promoting the fair administration of justice. https://www.sandiegansforjustice.com.

Many CADC members, too many to name, have spent these final weeks making calls and writing personalized postcards and letters to voters in swing states. Member Greg Rickard describes how he joins his extended family every two years for letter writing and phone calls, and this year the effort has been supercharged, with his group of 24 family members sending 5600 letters to swing-state voters.The organization he works with, Vote Forward (http://www.votefwd.org/) does not endorse particular candidates, but simply instructs their volunteers to encourage people to vote. Using eye-catching and colorful stamps, letter writers finish the sentence, "I'm voting this year because..." Greg finished the sentence with: "I care about our country's future. Voting gives us a voice in that future. A growing community of concerned voters will be heard. Please make voting plans to join them. Elections can be close. Your vote matters." Once the time for writing letters has passed, Greg turns to making phone calls, and recommends checking out https://callhub.io/political-phone-banking-guide/ as a resource for getting started with phone banking. If this time in our lives shows us nothing else, it’s that complacency will not be a luxury we can indulge for long after this election is over. Greg encourages anyone who wants more information about these relatively simple but hugely important activities for future elections to contact him for more information.

And finally, there is no end to the singular acts of heroism our members quietly do, day in and day out. Charlie Khoury describes an “emergency” phone call he received from a daughter of one of his incarcerated clients. The daughter currently lives in New Zealand but is a U.S. Citizen and resident of Texas. She had requested a ballot but with the election fast approaching, it had not shown up. Charlie knew she was from Houston, and after spending time on the phone with the Houston County registrar, he learned the city of Houston is actually in Harris County – an oddity of Southern states. After calling Harris County and telling the suspicious registrar that he was the woman’s lawyer and she needed a ballot “bigly,” the registrar let him know it had been emailed already, and the daughter should check her spam folder and send it express because time was running out. The temporary expat found her ballot, and it has been marked received and counted. If every vote indeed matters, we may be thanking our Charlie Khoury for the outcome in the swing state of Texas!

No matter what happens this Election Day, the Superheroes of CADC will continue fighting, because that is what we do. Whether fighting for justice within the system or as part of the resistance, we will always fight to be part of the solution. Carry on!


COVID-19 Updates and Resources


See California Court Services Status Due to COVID-19 page.
See also California Courts Covid Update page [link to the October 29, 2020 Edition]. All California Court Emergency Orders can be found here (scroll down for superior courts).

First District:
See FDAP 2020 Pandemic Information and Resources page and the First District's homepage.

Second District
See CAP-LA's Announcements and "Covid-19 Court Operations Information" pages and the Second District's homepage.

Third & Fifth District
See CCAP's COVD-19 ANNOUNCEMENTS page [last updated 7/29/20].
The Third District will communicate updates related to the COVID-19 emergency on its homepage.
The Fifth District will communicate updates related to the COVID-19 emergency on its homepage.

CCAP has posted a new resource, Recommendations from the Bench: Presenting Video Oral Arguments (PDF) that includes tips and advice for presenting a video oral argument as well as links to related videos on YouTube.

Fourth District:
See ADI's "Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Information About Criminal and Juvenile Appellate Cases  in the Fourth District Court of Appeal and Beyond - June 2020" update and the Fourth District's homepage.

Sixth District:
The court will be posting periodic updates on its homepage..

Cal. Supreme Court:
See the court's homepage (includes latest orders, oral argument calendars and other matters of interest).

CACJ's COVID-19 Resource Center (available to non-members)
Includes Courthouse status, briefs to use, and additional documents and information.

Pacific Juvenile Defender Center (PJDC)'s Covid-19 Resources page. Membership required (free).

CDCR's Population Covid-19 Tracker for Covid-19 among inmate and staff populations.

CDCR's Division of Juvenile Justice page regarding DJJ Covid-19 response and visiting, and which is updated frequently.


Sixth District E-Service Update


All documents served in the Court of Appeal and stemming from Santa Clara County can be e-served to the DA’s office by way of their dca@dao.sccgov.org email address. It is also recommended that the individual trial attorney is electronically served.

For superior court matters, you can use the following email address for e-service: motions_dropbox@dao.sccgov.org.


Two new listservs for AB 3070
& AB 2542 litigation support


On September 30, 2020 Governor Newsom signed two ground breaking criminal justice bills, AB 3070, the "Better than Batson" bill, and AB 2542, the Racial Justice Act.

Both bills create enormous opportunities for creative litigation at every level of criminal cases. In order to facilitate such litigation, and in keeping with our mission to provide assistance and training to public defender offices and appointed counsel in criminal and delinquency cases (Gov. Code Sec.15420) the Office of the State Public Defender has created two listservs, one for each of these new statutes.

If you would like to join either of these lists, please fill out the form here or go to www.ospd.ca.gov and click Resources and then OSPD Listservs.

Please note that membership in these listservs is limited to those engage in the active representation of criminal defendants. If you have any questions, feel free to email the Office of the State Public Defender at listservreg@ospd.ca.gov.




The Marin County Chapter and CADC are excited to present a one hour MCLE Zoom webinar with FDAP’s lovely and talented Richard Braucher, fresh off his stunning victory in In re Staich, who will present on "Apres le Deluge; Emerging Appellate Issues in Covid-Era Trials."

The Webinar is scheduled for Friday, November 13, 2020, at 11 a.m. Please contact Paul Kraus at paul@paulrkrauspc.com for Zoom invitation. Don't delay, as attendance may be limited.

***UPDATE*** The maximum number of participants has already been reached, and CADC will be scheduling an encore presentation on a soon-to-be-determined date that will be open to all members. Stay tuned!"




CADC is pleased to announce the new Mental Health Practitioners Group, which meets monthly to discuss outlier issues which present unique challenges as well as recurring practical and substantive patterns in offender with a mental disorder (formerly MDO), sexually violent predator, conservatorship, not guilty by reason of insanity, and trial competency proceedings.

The group meets monthly via Zoom on the fourth Thursday of the month. Being the fourth Thursday will fall on Thanksgiving, this month's meeting will be November 19, 2020, 3:00-4:00 p.m. 

Please contact Paul Kraus at paul@paulrkrauspc.com to receive the Zoom link and other information.




A warm welcome to CADC’s newest members who joined in October 2020: 

 Name  Practice Area    Region   County
 James Diamond  Criminal       1  San Mateo
 Patrick Dudley  Criminal / Delinquency       4  San Diego
 Scott Kauffman  Criminal       1  San Francisco
 Deanna Lopas  Criminal / Delinquency       4  San Diego

Thank you for your membership, and welcome to CADC!


Other MCLE Opportunities & Events


Sixth District Appellate Program Foundations of Appellate Practice
Fall 2020 Virtual Seminar Series 
(Via Zoom)
Join SDAP this Fall for a virtual seminar series designed specifically for less-experienced panel attorneys while also offering helpful information for all panel members. A registration link will be provided by email. Panel attorneys from any of the five projects will be given preference in securing one of the 100 available spots for each day. The seminar is free of charge and will be held via Zoom. You must register separately for each day. All attendees will be emailed with the written materials in advance of the seminars. All articles will later be posted on the SDAP website.

#2 - Friday, November 6, 2020, 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
10:00-11:00 a.m. - How to Write a Great Brief
11:00-12:00 p.m. - Issue Spotting
12:00-1:00 p.m.  - Plea Bargaining & Sentencing
#3 - Friday, November 13, 2020, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
10:00-11:00 a.m. - Writing a Reply Brief
11:00-12:00 p.m. - Oral Argument
#4 - Friday, November 20, 2020, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
10:00-11:00 a.m. - Waiver and Forfeiture
11:00-12:00 p.m. - Rehearing and Review Petitions

The flyer about the series can be accessed here.

Recommendations from the Bench: Presenting Video Oral Arguments

CCAP has posted a new resource, Recommendations from the Bench: Presenting Video Oral Arguments (PDF) that includes tips and advice for presenting a video oral argument, as well as inks to YouTube videos on how to look better on video calls.




PLEASE SEND US YOUR WINS!  Please email your wins to CalAppNews@gmail.com so we can include them in the next issue of the CalAppNews.

CalAppNews Needs You!  Have an idea for an article that would interest our members? Know a colleague with an interesting hobby, side gig or background? Read a book or bought an office lifesaver you’d like to share? Or attended a seminar that discussed an interesting topic you’d be willing to review? Let us know. We need articles to make up our newsletter and we’d love any and all help our members can offer. Every idea is welcome. So don't be shy and contact Heather at calappnews@gmail.com.

BRIEFBANK: The CADC Briefbank has arguments, ideas, and samples that address many of the common issues of indigent appellate practice. If you haven't tried it out, please do. The Briefbank Committee volunteers are on call to help you.  Just post your question to the Briefbank forum. If you are one of the many contributors - thank you!  Keep up the good work!  Members are also encouraged to add their own pleadings to the Briefbank.

SUSTAINING MEMBER BENEFIT: One of the benefits of becoming a CADC sustaining member is that this includes admission to CADC's annual seminar at no additional cost. In order to make this benefit more flexible and useful, the CADC Board has voted to amend this benefit to provide that the annual CADC statewide seminar may be attended for free either by the CADCsustaining member or by another member designated by the sustaining CADC member to attend the seminar in his or her stead.

YOUR CADC PROFILE: Members should remember that our Website is the place to indicate changes to your email address or other contact information. To make changes to your contact information: Log in to the Member Area and click on My Profile. At that point you will be able to make any desired changes to your contact information. When you have finished, click Update to save your changes. Thank you for keeping your membership profile up to date.

ARE YOU TREATING CADC MESSAGES LIKE SPAM? CADC sends out notices from the following addresses:
renewals@mail.cadc.netwebmaster@cadc.net, emv_law@sbcglobal.netnjking51@gmail.comcalappnews@gmail.com,

eflyer.cadc@gmail.com, cadcmembership@gmail.comcadc@gmail.com, and office.cadc@gmail.com. If you have not been receiving CADC messages please check your spam, promotions, or bulk mail folders and unblock messages from these e-mail addresses.

SPECIAL LEXIS RATE FOR CADC MEMBERS: CADC and Lexis have negotiated a 40 percent discount on three different plans for CADC members. For information about rates and plans, please call 800-227-4908 and say that you are a member of CADC. You will be given the contact information for your local representative. If you already know who your local sales rep is, you can contact him or her directly; be sure to say you are a member of CADC and want to take advantage of our group discount.

This discount is not available to anyone who is currently in a contract with Lexis. Once your contract expires, you will be free to take advantage of the group rate.

CADC-SPONSORED MALPRACTICE POLICY: In connection with Complete Equity Markets (CEM), CADC is offering its members a special deal on a custom-tailored malpractice insurance policy. This policy is relatively inexpensive and is geared toward CADC members who handle some privately-retained cases in addition to their court-appointed appeals.

For a copy of the CADC malpractice insurance policy and an application, call Complete Equity Markets and ask CEM to mail you copies of these materials. Telephone: 1-800-323-6234. You can look over the policy and, if you want to obtain coverage, the application takes less than a hour to fill out. You will get a premium quote within a couple of weeks after submitting your application. The premium varies with the percentage of your income derived from non-project appointed cases.

You can obtain this information – the policy application and a price quote – by going to the Complete Equity Markets Web site at http://www.cemins.com/attorneys/lim.php. You can submit your application or send CEM an e-mail at that site, with any questions you may have.

Monthly payments and financing for the payment of annual premiums is now available at very low rates. Contact Complete Equity Markets for more information. If you have any questions regarding this insurance policy contact CADC members Gordon Brownell at gsbrownell@aol.com or (707) 942-4565, or Dave Lampkin at dplampkin@aol.com or (805) 389-7769.



(Please notify us if an announcement needs to be removed or revised. Thank you.)

RE-ENTRY ASSISTANCE: Is your client experiencing legal issues based on their criminal conviction? Do you want to learn more about the collateral consequences affecting your clients? Root & Rebound is a reentry legal education & advocacy center whose mission is to increase access to justice and opportunity for people in reentry from prison and jail. Our three-pronged approach consists of public education on the reentry legal barriers through publications and trainings based on our Roadmap to Reentry Guide; direct services through our Friday legal hotline and reentry legal clinics; and systems reform efforts to strengthen the reentry infrastructure. We are here to support individuals in reentry and the professionals who support them. Find the Guide, our Toolkits, our Free Online Training Hub and information on in-person trainings on our website, rootandrebound.org. Our Reentry Legal Hotline is every Friday from 9am to 5pm, and we accept collect calls. Our number is 510-279-4662.



Experienced California capital litigator (over 17 years in trial, state post-conviction, and federal habeas courts) seeks contract work, including legal research and writing and creating RT notes.  Rates negotiable.  Michael Lasher, 510-507-2869.

Former manager of CAP/LA's indigent felony appeals program available to assist appellate and trial practitioners with research, writing (SOFs, discrete arguments, pre-trial motions), editing briefs, trial prep, and detailed transcript digests. Let me improve your case management efficiency. More than 25 years of experience. Professional references and writing samples available. Reasonable hourly rates. Please contact Robert Pearsall, JD, L/P/C Strategies at: 510.387.4670 or replaw2011@gmail.com.

Third year attorney based in northern San Diego County available for freelance legal research and writing.  Strong interest in criminal appeals.  Especially interested in mentor-mentee relationship with established panel attorney.  Previous experience working for Appeals, Writs, and Trials section of the California Attorney General’s Office as a student intern and a volunteer attorney, and for the 4th District Court of Appeal, Div. 1 as a Visiting Attorney.  Resume, writing samples, and references available upon request.  Please send any inquiries to Wilkensjames@gmail.com.

PARALEGAL/LEGAL SECRETARY ASSISTANCE: Are you a solo practitioner who needs help taking care of the details? Let me help. My name is Zina Wyman, and I have spent over 15 years working in criminal defense and criminal appeals. I graduated from The University of San Diego, and received my paralegal certificate while still an undergraduate. I am efficient and accurate.
• Get Your Mail Organize. Have your legal mail sent to my inexpensive safe and secure mailbox. I will sort, scan and send it back to you organizaed through Dropbox. $45 for mailbox $6.25/15 minutes scanning.
• Clean out your In-Box. Inbox stuffed with legal emails that need to be moved to client files? Forward them to me and I will gladly create PDFs and return them via Dropbox. $25.00 hour.
• Document Completion. Do you need someone to polish that brief, or convert PDF's to Word Perfect documents? Starting $35.00 hour.
• Document Pick Up. Need to get documents but you can't get out of court, the office or some other emergency? Give me the task, and I'll take care of it, and you. (*Travel in Southern California; Yuma, Arizona. Time for travel plus mileage.)
Don't see what you need? Just ask! Other services available on request. Contact me today for rates and further details. 619-241-1325 or zinawm@hotmail.com

PARALEGAL/LEGAL SECRETARY ASSISTANCE: I have over 30 years of experience in all fields of law, including state and federal appeals. I am offering my services to panel attorneys who need an efficient paralegal/secretary who will format, edit, proof-read, bookmark, generate authorities, and combine documents using Adobe Pro, if needed and will do so in a quick and efficient manner. I will also upload and TrueFile your briefs with the district courts, as well as petitions for review with the Supreme Court. If you need help taking care of these non-billable details, you may contact Debra Lancaster by email at movingpapers@outlook.comfor more information as to my fee per brief, including attorney references.

CADC member with 20 plus years’ experience will summarize Reporter’s Transcripts and/or compose draft Statements of Facts for appellate briefs. Also available for accurate preparation of tables and correction of cites where needed (California Style Manual or Bluebook). Rates beginning at $35 per hr. 24-Hour turn around for tables (only) will normally be available. Contact Marilyn Mobert @ 916-214-2646 or cjasmm@msn.com.

SEEKING CRIMINAL APPEAL EXPERIENCE, WILL WORK PRO BONO. Former Public Defenders. Husband and wife team. Strong research and writing skills. Previous experience includes adult criminal trials, preliminary hearings, juvenile adjudications, and the Innocence Project of New York. Willing to travel. Alicia is fluent in Spanish. Please contact us (Brad Mahler or Alicia Ekland) at (530) 636-0020 or e-mail brad@mahlerekland.com.

LEGAL RESEARCH AND WRITING LAW PROFESSOR AVAILABLE FOR CONTRACT WORK. I have taught legal research, writing and analysis courses at Golden Gate, USF, UC Hastings and JFK law schools for 18 years. I am seeking appellate practice experience. Will work on criminal and civil projects. Member CADC. Univ. of San Francisco School of Law Graduate. Admitted to State Bar 1991. Please contact Rosemary La Puma, rmlapuma@gmail.com.

LEGAL ASSISTANCE. Let me assist you – part time student looking to assist you with errands, transcribing, proof reading, prepping EOT's, preparing briefs for filing, and preparation of table of authorities. Will work from your office (with my laptop), or my home office. Please call Tanya Hastings, 510-936-1695 or tanyasworkemail@gmail.com.

PARALEGAL RECORD READER. I have been working for two Bay Area based criminal appeals attorneys for 7-8 years. I will take detailed notes on Reporter's Transcripts and/or write highly organized, thorough draft Statements of Facts for appellate briefs. Excellent references. $35/hr. based roughly on 30 pages per hour, depending on your needs and the complexity of the case. Contact Renee at sfmeancat@yahoo.com or (415) 661-6572.

TABLES OF CONTENTS AND AUTHORITIES. Fast, scrupulously accurate preparation of tables of contents and authorities for briefs and petitions. WordPerfect only (any version). If you like, I'll correct the citation style as needed (California Style Manual or Bluebook). 24-hour turnaround for most briefs. $75/hr. payable on completion of my work. Marty Kassman, (707) 224-1030, marty@kassman.com.

TOP NOTCH LEGAL RESEARCHER AND WRITER, a retired attorney, available to serve you. If you want to outsource work in order to expand your practice or are already overburdened, please contact me. I can provide you with relief by completing high quality research and writing projects for you. Contact Michael Friedman at MikeFrdman@aol.com or (510) 758-4045.

CRIMINAL DEFENSE AND CONSUMER LAWYER WANTS SUPERVISED WORK TO GAIN EXPERIENCE IN APPELLATE AND/OR HABEAS LAW. I am a new CADC member. I have been a member of the Cal Bar since, 1975, doing PI, Criminal Defense and Consumer Law in Marin, Sonoma, SF, and East Bay. I have done a handful of Federal and State appeals and would like to work under supervision to gain experience doing appellate and/or habeas work. I have Westlaw and good analytical writing and research skills. Greg Anton, PO Box 299, Lagunitas, CA 94938; (415) 789-8535; greganton@wildblue.net.

SEEKING CRIMINAL APPEAL EXPERIENCE. Golden Gate University 2001 grad with law and motion and civil appellate experience seeks experience writing criminal appeals. Availability to assist with research and drafting. Very reasonable and negotiable fee. Please contact Jeffrey Ginsberg at ginsberg@briefsandmotions.info.

HASTINGS GRADUATE BASED IN WASHINGTON, D.C. PROVIDES RESEARCH & WRITING SERVICES TO ATTORNEYS, including memos, briefs, and litigation-related archival & public records research. $30/hr or flat fee. Contact Julie Masal at jkmasal@earthlink.netor (410) 477-0380.

SEEKING CRIMINAL APPEAL EXPERIENCE. Boalt Hall Class of '97 grad with large law firm experience seeks experience writing criminal appeals. Available immediately to assist with research and drafting. Very reasonable and negotiable rates. Please contact me at cts123@hotmail.com.

SAN DIEGO/SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Writing services. Award winning journalist with JD can help with appeals, background reports, investigations, memoranda. Accurate, prompt, reasonable, cheerful. Contact Richard Acello at (619) 297-1239 or richace@cox.net.

EXPERIENCED CONTRACT ATTORNEY WILL OUTLINE TRIAL RECORDS, DRAFT WELL-CRAFTED STATEMENTS OF FACT. For the past fifteen years, I have maintained a specialty practice preparing finely-crafted draft Statements of Fact for criminal and dependency appeals. I also provide a meticulous outline of the entire Reporter's Transcript, detailing all testimony of possible relevance, noting every objection, and summarizing proceedings that take place out of the presence of the jury. For the past several years I have worked on a part-time basis with Dennis Riordan and Don Horgan in San Francisco. I've recently expanded my practice, am now also working with two CADC colleagues, and would like to develop a few additional CADC working relationships as well. If I can be of help to you in your appellate practice, please contact me. Joseph Tieger, 925-377-6208 or JT@REACHINGOUT.ORG.


ATTENTION DEPENDENCY LAWYERS: California Juvenile Dependency Case Law Updates, 1991-2012. Summaries of most dependency cases since 1991 organized by subject. $85.00 for CADC members, public defenders and panel attorneys. Send check with order to: Janet G. Sherwood, Attorney at Law, P.O. Box 778, Corte Madera, CA 94976-0778.


SPANISH/ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS: Correspondence and other written communications translated between Spanish and English. Telephone translations, prison visits with counsel, and fax and e-mail services available. $30/hour. For additional information, please contact Kata Brownell at phone: (707) 942-0799; fax: (707) 942-8520; or e-mail: ksbrownell@aol.com.

SPANISH translations: Kristin King received her MA in Translation from Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey in 2018. She is available for translation of legal documents and client communications. Fast, accurate, professional. References! Contact Kristin King at (760) 920-7881 or kristinreneeking@gmail.com

SPANISH TRANSLATOR. Over fifteen years experience. Excellent for attorney-client communications, briefs, court orders and other legal documents. Quick turnaround time. Rate: $25 per client letter or $30/hour. Mateo Rosen. Phone: (415) 846-7798; e-mail: mateo.rosen@gmail.com.

Spanish/English Translator and Interpreter. Fast and accurate with several years of experience.  Available for any type of document translation as well phone and prison visit interpretations. $30/hour.  Please contact Maricela Solorio-Taylor Phone: (661) 900-2066.  Email: sttranslators@gmail.com. Fax: (559) 408-5613.

Translation services for all languages and all types of certifications: Strommen is a local translation company specializing in certified translations. We can be your one-stop-shop for language needs. Call us M-F 323-638-9787 or email us at info@strommentutoring.com. Visit http://www.strommeninc.com for more info!

ENGLISH AND THAI translators provide translation and desktop publishing of a wide variety of documents by well qualified individuals. Extensive legal and business translation experience. Please contact Keith & Marisa Ensminger at 209-385-0425 tel, 209-385-3747 fax or visit our web site at www.thailinguist.com.


26+ YEARS CRIMINAL DEFENSE LICENSED P.I. AVAILABLE FOR TYPING TAPE TRANSCRIPTS, i.e., law enforcement/prosecution/defense interviews, dispatch calls, etc. – any choice of format in Word or WP; extensive investigation experience ranging from DUIs to/including 187 PC's & Death Penalty cases, so very familiar with vernacular, slang, codes; have typed many transcripts for court use in variety of cases; can type other documents in other specialty areas if format is defined; have equipment for video-to-audio transfer; have FedEx account for send/delivery; contact Kalli G. Bolanis, P.O. Box #1961, Joshua Tree, CA 92252; (760) 368-7486; kgbinvestigate@earthlink.net

AV RATED LAWYER AVAILABLE FOR BUSINESS AND CIVIL LITIGATION REFERRALS, INCLUDING PERSONAL INJURY CASES. Charles P. Charlton is a civil litigation lawyer dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation to consumers and business clients throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties as well as many other counties and cities throughout the State of California. Charles P. Charlton, 10100 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. 300, Los Angeles, CA 90067-4107, (310) 651-9906.



The CADC Board of Directors encourages member questions and input. If you have a question or a suggestion for the Board, please contact any of the directors for your region. Your region is determined by the California appellate district in which your mailing address is located.

The current directors are:

Region One (1st and 6th Districts):
Mara Bernstein, El Cerrito, marabernsteinjd@gmail.com
Garrick Byers, Point Richmond, gbyerslaw@comcast.net
Julia Freis, Santa Rosa, jkfreis@sonic.net
Gordon “Bart” Scott, Santa Rosa, gbscott@sonic.net
Jeanine Strong, Carmel, jeanie@StrongAppellateLaw.com

Region Two (2nd District):
Cynthia Barnes, Los Angeles, rm1607@aol.com
Miriam Billington, Santa Monica, mimibton@gmail.com
Edward J. Haggerty, Diamond Bar, ejhaggerty@roadrunner.com

Region Three (3rd and 5th Districts and out-of-state):
Nick Mazanec, Sacramento, mazaneclaw@gmail.com

Region Four (4th District):
Laura Gordon, San Diego, LGORDON777@COX.NET
Rebecca Jones, San Diego, rputnamj@cox.net
Dawn Mortazavi, Irvine, dawn@mortazavilaw.com

In addition to the directors, who are elected by the membership every three years (or whenever there is a vacancy), the Board includes CADC's officers, who are elected annually by the Board. The officers also welcome ideas and questions from members.

The current officers are:
President, Tonja Torres, TonjaTorres@gmail.com
Vice-President, Nancy Brandt, nsbrandtlaw@gmail.com
Vice-President, Patricia Lai, pslai@sbcglobal.net
Treasurer, Christopher Nalls, chris@christophernalls.com
Secretary, Steven Schorr, schorr126312@gmail.com
Acting Past President, Jeralyn Keller, jbkeller@pacbell.net
Newsletter Editor, Heather Shallenberger, hes.esq@gmail.com
State MCLE Coordinator, Nancy King, njking51@gmail.com
Webmaster, Eileen Manning-Villar, emv_law@sbcglobal.net

Special role(s):
Court & Project Liaison, Edward J. Haggerty, ejhaggerty@roadrunner.com

Full contact information (including mailing addresses) for everyone named above, as well as for chapter contacts and past presidents, may be obtained from the Webmaster. For more information about the election, qualifications and duties of officers and directors, members can consult the CADC Bylaws. The Bylaws are available to members on our Web site.

Join CADC or renew your membership::

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California Appellate Defense Counsel (CADC) is a State Bar of California MCLE approved provider. CADC certifies that those activities marked with an "*" are deemed approved for MCLE credit in the amount and type specified and in conformance with State Bar's Rules and Regulations. CADC is also a State Bar Criminal Law Advisory Commission/Appellate Law Advisory Commission approved provider. CADC certifies that those activities marked with an "*" are deemed approved for appellate law and/or criminal law specialization credit.

CADC President

Tonja Torres
Torres & Torres
3579 E. Foothill Blvd., PMB 332
Pasadena, CA 91107

Mailing Address

California Appellate Defense Counsel
P.O. Box 2433
Pasadena, CA 91102

e-Flyer Questions or Submissions

Please contact Nancy King.

Local Chapter Meetings

Bay Area Dependency Counsel (BADC)

No meeting this month.
FOR INFO: Please contact chapter co-chairs Jessica Ronco or Carol Koenig (ckoenig.law@gmail.com) for more information.

Central Coast Chapter

The Central Coast Chapter plans to have another Zoom meeting in November, toward the end of the month, date & time to be determined. For more information or to participate, please email Mark Feeser at mark.r.feeser@gmail.com

Davis/Sacramento Dependency Counsel

DATE: Monday, November 9, 2020
TIME: 12:00 noon – 1:30 p.m. (Program 12:00-1:30)
PLACE: Zoom, various locations
TOPIC: New Published Cases and discussion of current case issues.
MCLE:  1.5 hrs.  General MCLE and appellate specialization credit offered.
Please RSVP to Linda J. Conrad, who will be sending out the Zoom invitations.
FOR INFO: Contact Linda J. Conrad at linda@norcalappeals.com.

LA South Bay Chapter

FOR INFO: Contact Jean Ballantine at ballantine093675@gmail.com for further information.

Marin Chapter

Marin will be hosting a one hour MCLE Zoom webinar with FDAP’s lovely and talented Richard Braucher, fresh off his stunning victory in In re Staich, who will present on “Apres le Deluge; Emerging Appellate Issues in Covid-Era Trials.”

DATE: Friday, November 13, 2020
TIME: 11:00 a.m.
PLACE: Zoom, various locations

Please note that capacity for this Webinar has already been reached, but CADC plans to schedule a CADC-wide version of this Webinar in the near future. Please stay tuned.

FOR INFO: Contact Candace Hale at cxh@me.com.

Mental Health Practice Chapter

Mental Health Practitioners Group, which meets via Zoom on the fourth Thursday of the month.
DATE: Thursday, November 19, 2020 (being the fourth Thursday is Thanksgiving)
TIME: 3:00-4:00 p.m.
PLACE: Via Zoom
EVENT: Monthly meeting to discuss outlier issues which present unique challenges as well as recurring practical and substantive patterns in offender with a mental disorder (formerly MDO), sexually violent predator, conservatorship, not guilty by reason of insanity, and trial competency proceedings.
FOR MORE INFO: Please contact Paul Kraus at paul@paulrkrauspc.com to receive the Zoom link and other information.

Nevada County Chapter

FOR INFO: Contact Stephen Greenberg at sgberg1@mac.com.

Orange County Chapter

FOR CHAPTER INFO: contact Dawn Mortazavi at dawn@mortazavilaw.com.

Pasadena / San Gabriel Valley Chapter

Zoom chapter meeting:
DATE: Tuesday, November 17, 2020
TIME: 6:00-8:00 p.m.
EVENT: Happy Hour
FOR MORE INFO: Contact Cynthia at rm1607@aol.com or 213-413-4992

Redwood Empire Appellate Lawyers [REAL]

REAL is still on hold until we can safely gather once more. Take good care of yourselves. Marylou Hillberg, hillberg@sonic.net

Sacramento Chapter

For chapter information contact Karriem Baker at karriemlaw@gmail.com

San Diego Chapter

The San Diego chapter will have a Zoom Happy Hour.
DATE: Thursday, November 19, 2020
TIME:  5:00pm
If you do not receive the Evite, please contact Laura Gordon at LPGordon777@gmail.com.

San Diego Dependency Chapter

Monthly Virtual Meeting:
DATE: Wednesday, November 11. 2020
TIME: 1:30-3:00 p.m.

An e-vite will be sent out with the Zoom Meeting ID and Zoom Meeting Password.  It will also include instructions to call in by phone.  If you would like to be added to the e-vite list, please e-mail Michelle Pena at: mdplaw@outlook.com.

Please download the Zoom application prior to the meeting time. (https://zoom.us)  If you have questions about using Zoom, feel free to e-mail Michelle  at mdplaw@outlook.com.  If you have problems logging in during the meeting time, please call Michelle at (858) 275-3822.

San Francisco Bay Area

FOR INFO: Contact Nancy Brandt, Chapter Chair at nsbrandtlaw@gmail.com.

San Jose Chapter

For chapter information contact Teresa Biagini at tbiagini@aol.com or (408) 761-0764.

Santa Cruz/Monterey Chapter

For chapter information contact Jeanine Strong (jeanie@strongappellatelaw.com).

Valley/Ventura Chapter

FOR INFO:   Contact David Lampkin at 805-389-7769 or dplampkin@aol.com.