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Membership eligibility: Any attorney, legal paraprofessional, or law student who supports the purposes of CADC is eligible to be a member. However, no Attorney General, District Attorney, City Attorney, County Counsel, or other person who regularly represents a government agency in criminal or juvenile or dependency cases, or employee of any court or judicial agency, or employee of a vendor of legal support services, or attorney who has been disbarred and not reinstated, is eligible to be a member.

Notice: 60% of membership dues goes to fund CADC's lobbying activities and is therefore not tax-deductible.

Current members: If you have trouble logging in and renewing your membership, please contact CADC using the "Contact" link at the bottom of this page instead of creating a new profile.


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Joining and renewing online is quick, secure, and strongly preferred. If you must, you can send mail to:

P.O. Box 2433
Pasadena, CA 91102

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Please support CADC's Lobbying Fund with your non-tax-deductible donation.



A member is eligible for retired membership when that member:

  1. is of an age eligible to receive social security;
  2. has been a CADC member for at least 3 out of the prior 5 years;
  3. has not accepted a new panel case within the prior 12 months;
  4. does not intend to accept any future panel cases; and
  5. does not anticipate receiving any compensation from the practice of law in the future, except for claims in ongoing panel cases.